Tips On Growing Your Career In The Legal Marijuana Industry | Cannabis Hiring Fairs

Have you been exploring career opportunities in the cannabis industry? Are you passionate about marijuana and want to know how to get into the legal weed business? You may be a cannabis connoisseur experimenting with outdoor or indoor seeds and passionate about the legal aspects of pot. Finding a suitable position in the pot industry can be […]

Steps To Prepare For A Job Interview

After All Of Your Hard Work On The Back End With Tailoring Your Resume And Writing Cover Letters, You’ve Finally Landed An Interview For A Job. First Off, Congratulations! That’s One Obstacle Overcome And Out Of Your Way On Your Journey To Get Your Dream Cannabis Job. Second, It’s Now Time To Get Down To […]

Cannabis Career Conference Success

“To think that over a year ago, I was in prison serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole over a non-violent cannabis conviction, and today I’m helping others get jobs in the cannabis industry.” -Corvain Cooper, 40 Tons Brand Ambassador. On February 17th, 2022, 40 Tons Brand and BrandResumes joined forces once again […]

Getting Into The Cannabis Industry: A Beginner’s Guide

Knowing Where to Start The cannabis industry has been one of the fastest growing business sectors in the U.S. the past few years. Currently, 33 states have legalized recreational marijuana use. That number will inevitably grow. As the industry grows, so will job opportunities for people looking to break into the business. From 2020 to […]

What Does Diversity And Inclusivity Look Like For Companies In 2022?

1. What is Diversity and Inclusion and Why is it Important? “In recent years, the push for more diversity and inclusivity in the workplace has been a growing trend across the U.S. With 2022 approaching, 89% of businesses have official D&I trainings planned for their employees. How are diversity and inclusivity defined? Diversity involves a wide range […]

How To Optimize Your Resume For A Career In Cannabis

1. What is the Current State of Jobs in the Cannabis Industry An effective and well-structured resume is a key component when applying to jobs nowadays. This is even true when it comes to the cannabis industry. As this particular business sector continues to grow, the need for more workers is going to grow, as […]